Keith Morgan (r) at the "Drawing Toward Home" reception

2009/2010 Projects

Humanities Enhancement Project Awards 2009/2010

Deborah Belle, Women’s Studies
Carnal Knowledge/Judgments of Value

William Carroll, English
Britland lecture

William Carroll, English
Willing Suspension Productions

Jodi Cranston & Victor Coelho, Art History/Music
New England Renaissance Conference

Daniel Dahlstrom, Philosophy
Annual Meeting of the Metaphysical Society of America

Charles Dellheim, History
History Department Seminar

Ricardo Elia, Archaeology
The 9th Biennial Graduate Student Archaeology Open Forum

Emine Fetvaci, Art History
Tertulia: Junior Faculty Research Seminar

Aaron Garrett, Philosophy
Rights, Equality, and Justice: a conference Inspired by David Lyons

Roy Grundmann, COM- Film
Ulrike Ottinger: a Critical Symposium

Jeffrey Henderson, Classical Studies
Graduate Student conference

Laura Korobkin & Maurice Lee, English
Dartmouth Futures Institute: BU Graduate Students

Christopher Maurer, Romance Studies
Lecture in honor of Roger Shattuck

Eugenio Menegon, History
Leisure and Social Change Across Asia—reading group

Roberta Micallef, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
Turkish Pre-conference graduate student symposium

Leland Monk & Keith Vincent, English/MLCL
Lectures in Criticism Lecture Series

Keith Morgan, Art History
Drawing Toward Home: Exhibition and conference

Robert Murowchick, ICEAACH/Archaeology
East Asian Archaeological Forum Public Lecture Series

Jean Paul Riquelme, English
Altieri lecture

David Roochnik, Philosophy
Boston Area Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy (BACAP)

David Roochnik, Philosophy
Plato and the Talmud, lecture by Jacob Howland

Charles Rzepka, English
Leonard Project

Charles Rzepka, English
Literary Symposium

Loren Samons, Classical Studies
Boston Area Roman Studies Conference

Loren Samons, Classical Studies
Myth and Religion Study Group

Andrew Shenton, STH/ Music
Arvo Pärt and Contemporary Spirituality

James Siemon, English

James Siemon, English
Paleography Training for grad students

Kate Snodgrass, Playwrights’ Theater
Boston Theater Marathon XII

Kate Snodgrass, Playwrights’ Theater
Massachusetts Young Playwrights’ Festival

Allen Speight, Institute Philosophy & Religion
Philosophical Biography Conference

Daniel Star, Philosophy
Ethics Reading Group

John Thornton and John Glick, African American Studies/ History
Darwin and Race- lecture

Meg Tyler, CGS- Humanities
CGS Poetry Reading Series

Keith Vincent and Erin Murphy, MLCL & English
Honoring Eve- a Symposium on the Work of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwich

Rosanna Warren, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
Goran Sonnevi- poet

James Wiseman, Archaeological Studies
Making Field Project Archives Accessible for Research and Instructional Use

Michael Zell, Art History
Faculty Colloquium

Michael Zell, Art History
Graduate Student Symposium in Art History

Library Acquisitions

Saul Engelbourg, Italian Studies
Italian Studies,  Library Expansion Project

A. David Lewis, STH
The Religion and Graphica Collection, STH Library

Eugenio Menegon, History
Chinese,  Library Expansion Project

Roberta Michallef, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
Turkish, Library Enhancement

Michael Prince, English
ECCO part II

Stephen Scully & Linda Carr
Encyclopedia of the Ancient World to Mugar Memorial Library

James Siemon, English
Folger dues for BU

Zsuzsanna Varhelyi, Classical Studies
Inscriptions from Classical Greece and Rome

Publication Production Awards

Mildred Basker-Siegel, Romance Studies
Introduction to Spanish for Translation,

Arianne Chernock, History
Men and the Making of British Feminism,
Stanford University Press

James H. Johnson, History
Venice Incognito: Masks in the Serene Republic,
University of California Press

Eugenio Menegon, History
Ancestors, Virgins, and Friars: the Localization of Christianity in China,
Harvard University Press

James Schmidt, History
Selections from the Journal for Social Research 1934-1940, Columbia University Press

Peter Schwartz, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
After Jena: Goethe’s Elective Affinities and the End of the Old Regime, Bucknell University Press

Zsuzsanna Varhelyi, Classical Studies
Sacrifice in the Ancient Mediterranean,
Oxford University Press

Hilda Westervelt, Art History
The Centauromachy in Greek Architectural Sculpture,
Cambridge University Press