Raphael, School of Athens, 1509-10, Apostolic Palace, Vatican City


I just want to thank you for a wonderful, productive semester at BUCH. It was truly a gift to have a “room of my own,” but within such a vibrant community of scholars. I was able to finish my book, start two new projects, design two new courses, and read some inspiring new (and old) texts… and I still only accomplished about a third of what I had hoped to. But the very best part was meeting and interacting with a fabulous group of fellow Fellows, some of whom have already become steadfast friends and colleagues.

Thank you, in a broader sense, for all of BUCH’s efforts to keep the Humanities on BU’s (and by extension, the world’s) radar, and to create spaces – both physical and virtual – that enable all of us to enrich and showcase our work.

It was an absolutely marvelous semester. I only wish I could have another.

– Joanna Davidson, Junior Faculty Fellow, Fall 2014

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The core of the intellectual community supported by the Boston University Center for the Humanities  is the Fellows’ Seminar. This group, which has been in continuous existence since 1984, serves as a forum for research, debate, and public dialogue among humanities faculty from different disciplines and between junior and senior faculty. The seminar assists Junior Research Fellows in the development of their careers and engages the larger questions of culture and imagination that the humanities have always examined. Since 2008, the Jeffrey Henderson Senior Research Fellows have also participated in the seminar, which gathers bi-weekly to discuss work in progress by one or more of its members.

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