Cross-College Challenge (XCC)

At the Crossroads of Theory and Practice

The BU Cross-College Challenge (XCC or HUB XC 433) is the Hub’s signature project-based, one-semester, 4-credit elective course open to juniors and seniors from all 10 undergraduate schools and colleges. For the Class of 2022 and beyond, XCC also fulfills 4 Hub units. A variety of on-campus and community clients present real-world projects, and students develop the following skills within the context of their team project:

  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Oral Communication
  • Research and Information Literacy
  • Teamwork/Collaboration

Today’s rapidly changing, interconnected world demands graduates with the ability to think critically, to conduct research amidst an overabundance of information sources, and to explore profound questions and approach problem-solving with imagination and creativity, both individually and as members of a team. Students must also learn to make a range of informed life decisions that will sustain them and enable them to put their education to good use in the world. Cultivating these multipurpose skills explicitly and intentionally is a crucial dimension of BU students’ preparation for a broad and ever-evolving spectrum of personal, educational, professional, and civic opportunities.

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