Planning Tools & Resources

Tips for First-Semester Registration

Depending on your program, you may preregister for first-semester classes before arriving on campus for Orientation, or you may register during Orientation itself. Either way, you will have a chance at Orientation to talk through your courses with an advisor. Some programs have a tightly structured plan for first-semester students, while others allow great flexibility. These tips provide some general guidance on how to think about integrating Hub courses into your first-semester schedule. They may also raise some questions you can discuss with your advisor at Orientation or during the beginning of the semester.

How to Prepare for an Advising Appointment

Thinking through your goals and gathering relevant information in advance of an advising appointment will enable you to make the most of your time with your advisor.

How to Use Degree Advice

Degree Advice is an auditing tool that shows you the progress you are making toward fulfilling your degree, Hub, major, minor, and/or concentration requirements. You can also process what-if scenarios using Degree Advice that will show you what your requirements would be if you changed majors, added a minor, or made other adjustments to your academic program. You can get to Degree Advice through the Student Link.

Plan of Study Worksheet

Using the Plan of Study Worksheet can help you map out your requirements and compare various pathways toward your degree. It’s never too early to start planningjust keep in mind that your plan may evolve over time and that you don’t need to have all the answers yet.

Course Search

Course Search is a tool that allows you to search the entire database of Boston University courses (7,000+). You can search by keywords, and you can filter your search by semester, by college, and/or by Hub areas(s) covered in the course.


Boston University’s Bulletin is the authoritative source for information about degree and major requirements, courses, and academic policies. If you did not matriculate in the current year, click on “Bulletin Archives” on the right side of the landing page, and then select the year you matriculated into your college.

Student Link

Student Link provides secure online access to your student records at BU. You can use Student Link to register for classes, see your current schedule, review your grades, check your student account, and more.