General Education for an Interconnected World

The BU Hub is Boston University’s University-wide general education program that emphasizes working across disciplines to prepare for a complex and diverse world. Students can explore a variety of courses and innovative learning experiences while developing six essential capacities and fulfilling Hub requirements. Explore these six capacities, Hub learning outcomes, and how the Hub works below.

  • First-Year Writing Seminar
  • Writing, Research, and Inquiry
  • Writing-Intensive Course
  • Oral and/or Signed Communication
  • Digital/Multimedia Expression
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research and Information Literacy
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Life Skills

What is the Hub?

How the Hub Works

Six Essential Capacities

Rather than require students to take a specific set of courses, the Hub helps them to develop six essential capacities–the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind–that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning and leading.

Capacities are Made Up of Multiple Areas

Students will take courses that fulfill these Hub areas.

The Hub Measures Learning Experiences in Units, Not Credits

  • Students earn Hub units in each of these areas to complete their general education requirements.
  • Students must earn 26 Hub units in order to graduate.

A Course Can Carry More Than One Hub Unit

Most students will fulfill Hub requirements in 10-12 courses.

What’s Different About the Hub?

  • The Hub is integrated throughout the undergraduate curriculum; students will take Hub courses throughout all four years of their undergraduate study.
  • Hub courses can also count toward major and minor requirements (double-dipping is expected).
  • Students can fulfill one Hub unit with a preapproved cocurricular learning experience.
  • The Cross-College Challenge (XCC), the BU Hub’s signature experience, is a 4-credit course available to juniors and seniors that fulfills 4 Hub units.
  • The Hub encourages students to develop Life Skills through a variety of offerings.