Quantum Photonics Laboratory

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Photonics Building, 8 St. Mary’s Street, Boston, MA 02215
Principal Investigator: Malvin C. Teich

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Research studies in the Quantum Photonics Laboratory (QPL) focus on photonic systems that rely on the quantum properties of light. Experiments are carried out on single-photon detection; the photon-counting statistics of various sources of light; and the response of the human visual system to small numbers of quanta incident at the retina. Investigations are conducted on multi-photon and entangled-photon absorption, photoemission, microscopy, and lithography; as well as on nonlinear optical processes such as parametric down-conversion and second-harmonic generation. Research is carried out on quantum-imaging paradigms such as quantum optical coherence tomography (QOCT); photon-counting optical coherence tomography (PCOCT); and digital quantum imaging based on entangled-photonic qubits in spatial-parity space.