Speech Perception Laboratory

Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
635 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
Principal Investigator: Melanie L. Matthies

This laboratory is concerned with testing the perception of a wide range of speech stimuli. Our work includes quantifying the changes of the speech of persons who have lost their hearing through Neurofibromatosis II. Our work also includes analyzing the speech of subjects who were previously deafened and have received cochlear implants that allow them to improve their speech. We are also studying basic properties of speech produced by normal-hearing speakers under a variety of rate and clarity conditions.

This laboratory covers roughly 400 square feet and includes a double-walled sound booth (10' x 10') for speech perception studies. The laboratory contains the necessary instrumentation to generate and present speech stimuli, collect subject responses, and analyze that data. Specific hardware includes a microcomputer, insert earphones, speakers, D/A, A/D, programmable attenuators, and appropriate software.