Complex Biosignal Processing Laboratory

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Photonics Building, 8 St. Mary's Street, Boston, MA 02215
Principal Investigator: S. Hamid Nawab

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The Complex Biosignal Processing Laboratory focuses in three main areas:

  • Digital signal processing
  • Applied artificial intelligence
  • Biosignal separation and identification

The creation of new ways to probe biological media is providing researchers with unprecedented data concerning a variety of biological phenomena, ranging from the molecular to the clinical. With these new sources of information come new challenges. The objective of our work is to develop new methods of signal and image processing allowing quantitation and robust qualification based on such data. Our research topics include image reconstruction, image restoration, sampling and interpolation, imaging in scattering media, image segmentation and registration, data fusion, and deformable methods, to name a few. Probing modalities include optical and fluorescence microscopy, computed tomography, ultrasound, MRI, and dynamic PET and SPECT. Applications of our research include molecular imaging, brain imaging, dynamic imaging, and interventional imaging.

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