Research Staff


Scott Bressler – Research Engineer, Computational Neuroscience
Areas of Expertise and Interest:
Andrew Brughera – Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering
Areas of Expertise and Interest: Computational models of brainstem neurons in acoustic hearing and cochlear implants; Software development, architecture, and algorithmic integrity in EarLab; Model implementation and support of the EarLab auditory modeling community
Lorraine Delhorne – Senior Research Scientist, Hearing Research Center
Areas of Interest: Tactile communication, Tactile aids, Hearing aids, Cochlear implants
Hannah Goldberg – Research Technician, Computational Neuroscience
Areas of Interest:
Christine Mason – Senior Research Scientist, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Areas of Interest: Psychoacoustics, Perceptual Consequences of Hearing Loss.
Vibha Viswanathan
Areas of Interest:
Graham Voysey – Research Engineer, Hearing Research Center
Areas of Interest: 
Aleks Zosuls – Research Engineer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Areas of Expertise: Designing and fabricating custom mechatronic systems. His primary research interests lie in cochlear and middle ear mechanics.
Current Projects: Measuring mechanical properties of the basilar membrane, middle ear mechanics and head acoustics of cetacean, electronic auditory nerve simulators, sound localization and detection, echolocation for humans.