Transitional Work Program

When possible, modified or transitional work assignments will be made available to employees as a positive means of rehabilitation following a disabling work injury.

These temporary assignments will allow employees to maintain wage stability and allow the University to maintain the workforce.  Transitional or modified assignments are temporary and are expected to lead to an eventual return to full duty.


The medical provider at the Occupational Health Center or Occupational & Environmental Medicine Department will complete the required information on the Boston University Injury/Illness Treatment form.  At the time of initial or follow-up appointments, the medical provider will assign physical work capabilities in accordance with the injury and treatment modalities.   An initial prognosis will be offered that specifies the length of the disability or restrictions.  Changes in functional abilities will be coordinated with work restrictions on an ongoing basis.

The injured employee’s supervisor will evaluate the capabilities and seek to identify appropriate work within the department as soon as possible.  Risk Management, Human Resources, BUOHC, BMCOEM, and the BUROHP, when appropriate, will work with the department and supervisor to identify job modifications or transitional work to meet the employee’s capabilities.  Department supervisors/managers will communicate with the BUOHC or BMCOEM and with BUROHP when appropriate if there are any questions regarding the ability of the department to accommodate employee capabilities.

Review Process

The duration of transitional duty is contingent upon periodic medical examinations.  The employee should always work closely with the department supervisor or manager, Human Resources, Risk Management, and the Occupational Health Center/Occupational & Environmental Medicine Department and with BUROHP when appropriate.

For information regarding what to do if you are injured at work, please read If Injured at Work.