Administrative Employees Exempt and Non-Exempt (Excluding staff represented by collective bargaining agreements)

The Performance Evaluation Policy

All vice presidents, deans, directors, department heads, managers, supervisors, administrators and support staff will receive a written performance evaluation from their immediate supervisors at least once each year.

  • A department or school may select to use the University’s standardized performance evaluation program or utilize their own performance review process if the performance review form and procedures have been reviewed and approved by Human Resources.
  • A written performance evaluation form will be completed for each employee.
  • Written performance evaluation forms will be maintained in the employee’s University personnel file.
  • An employee who would like to add comments to his or her written performance evaluation form may submit these comments in writing to his or her supervisor. These comments will become part of the employee’s University personnel file.

Performance Evaluation Schedule

  • On or prior to October 1, 2013: Schools and Departments will be notified about the 2013 Boston University Performance Evaluation Program (BUPEP).
  • On or prior to December, 6, 2013: Supervisors should complete their employee’s performance evaluations, and meet with those employees (in consultation with their Dean, Director or Department Head, where internal processes require).  Human Resources recommends that all meetings with employees be completed by this date.
  • On or prior to December 9, 2013: Completed BUPEP forms are submitted to Human Resources.

To assist you in utilizing the Performance Evaluation Program a training manual has been created that includes:

  • Introductory material
  • Initiating the performance evaluation process
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Sample evaluation forms
  • Evaluation process checklist
  • Information on creating a successful performance evaluation meeting
  • Performance Evaluation Program Education Manual

On the Charles River Campus, your Human Resources Consultant will review the process with you and answer any questions. On the Medical Campus, upon your request, your Human Resources Consultant will review the process with you and answer any questions.

Performance Evaluation Forms

The performance evaluation forms are located here just click on the form name below to get to the appropriate form.

    Assistance and Questions

    For assistance with completion of the forms and for assistance with employee performance issues, please contact by appropriate campus, your Human Resources Consultant.