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Domestic Violence Leave Update

On August 8, 2014, Governor Deval Patrick signed an Act relative to Domestic Violence, which created a new category of job-protected leave of absence for employees.  This law took effect immediately upon signing.

Massachusetts employers with more than 50 employees are now required to permit employees to take up to 15 days of leave from work per year if the employee or employee’s family member is a victim of abusive behavior.  “Abusive behavior”  includes domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and kidnapping.

The leave must be directly related to the abusive behavior, including, but not limited to: seeking medical attention; counseling; victim services or legal assistance; securing alternative housing, court appearances; meeting with law enforcement officials, and attending child custody hearings.

Boston University has updated its Leave of Absence policy to add “Section 317:  Domestic Violence Leave” to provide employees with protected time off to address issues stemming from domestic violence and other abusive behavior. Please view the Employee Handbook for this entry.

We have also updated the Staff Request for Leave of Absence or Intermittent Leave form to reflect the addition of Domestic Violence Leave.

Please contact your HR Business Partner with any questions.