Life & Accident Insurance

During annual enrollment, review your participation in the following life and accident insurance plans. There are no changes in these plans for 2015. Refer to the Contribution Rate Sheet for 2015 plan costs.

Personal and Family Accident Insurance Plan

If you are classified by the University as a regular employee, work a full-time schedule, and have an appointment of nine months’ or more duration, you and your eligible family members may participate in the Personal and Family Accident Insurance Plan. Also, if you are insured under this plan and your employment status changes to less than full time, you may continue your coverage under this plan. Read more about Personal and Family Accident Insurance.

Supplemental Life Insurance Plan

Enrolling in or increasing Supplemental Life Insurance after your 30 day new hire period is subject to the life insurance carrier’s approval. Read more about Supplemental Life Insurance.

Enrolling for 2015

If you want to enroll in or make a change to your Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for 2015, you’ll need to submit the following forms to Human Resources:

Health Smart

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