Dental Plans

BU Dental Health Center Plan If you join this plan, you receive all your dental treatment from BU Dental Health Center providers. There is no coverage for out-of-network care (except for emergency dental treatment). This plan offers a higher level of coverage at a lower cost when compared to Dental Blue Freedom (see below).

Dental Blue Freedom Plan (PPO) This is a dental plan designed for BU employees who may not be able to conveniently receive all dental care services at the BU Dental Health Center. It provides three choices of dental providers; you decide where to receive treatment each time you need dental care. Plan benefits vary based on where you receive care (see the chart below).

Health Smart

Get your teeth cleaned at the BU Dental Health Center; it’s 100% covered!

Service BU Dental Health Center Plan Dental Blue Freedom Plan
BU Dental Health Center Providers only Tier 1: BU Dental Health Center Providers Tier 2: BCBS Dental Providers Tier 3: Out-of-Network Providers
Deductible None None $50 per person
Preventive and Diagnostic 100% 100% 80%, no deductible 80%, no deductible
Basic Restorative 100% 80% 60%, after deductible 60%, after deductible
Major Restorative 60% 50% 40% after deductible 40% after deductible
Orthodontia 50% 50% Not covered Not covered
Annual Maximum Benefit $1,700 per person, per year $1,700 per person, per year
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum Benefit $2,000 per person, lifetime $2,000 per person, lifetime