University Identification Number (UID) – Charles River Campus

A University Identification Number (UID) is assigned to faculty, staff, and university affiliates. Every member of the Boston University community is identified by his or her unique nine-digit code.

All regular staff hired through Human Resources are assigned a UID at the time of hire. To obtain a UID for faculty and other affiliates, please refer to Request a University Identification Number.

The SAP new hire will generate UID’s as part of the hiring action. However, departments may need a UID number in advance of this hiring action. To obtain a UID, you’ll need to send your request to the appropriate office, as follows:

To request a UID number for…

Submit requests to…

Full and Part-time regular Faculty/Staff and temporary employees* Human Resources
Phone: 617-353-2380
Terrier temps or temporary agency personnel,
Contractors and Consultants, and all other
affiliates of the University
Information Services & Technology
Please submit a ticket
to fill out a Sponsorship Form
Phone: 617-353-4357

To request a UID, please securely provide the following information to the appropriate office:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Suffix
  • Gender
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Unit/Department
  • Home address
  • Affiliation with BU, title, role, etc.
  • Duration of association with BU
  • Compensated via BU payroll (Y/N)?

Please do NOT send Social Security numbers or date of birth information via unsecured email. Please call the appropriate office to provide this information or use the Data Motion Secure Message Center.