Local 2324 – Represented Employees

The Performance Evaluation Policy

In accordance with Boston University’s collective bargaining agreement with Local 2324, UAW, performance appraisals are conducted annually for all eligible Local 2324–represented employees.

Supervisors, in consultation with their Department Heads, are responsible for completing a Boston University Performance Appraisal Form designated for L2324 represented employees who meet the service criteria of having been hired on or before January 1, 2015 and completed the probationary period during the evaluation year.  Only employees who are actively employed on the effective date of the increase will be eligible for the performance increases.  The Manager/Supervisor will conduct a performance evaluation meeting with each employee. Department heads are responsible for ensuring that employees have been appropriately evaluated.

Performance Appraisals and Performance Awards Schedule For L2324 Employees

The schedule for 2015 and guidelines will be posted when finalized.  In prior years, the schedule for L2324 employees has been:

  • Early May - Human Resources initiates the performance appraisal and salary adjustment process by distributing Performance Appraisal Spreadsheets and Unit Performance Award Pools to Deans and Vice Presidents, and providing training to Supervisors as needed. Performance Appraisal forms and Training Manuals are made available on the Human Resources website. Deans, Directors and Department Heads manage the process in consultation with their HR Business Partner to ensure that appraisals are fair and accurate, performance increases are equitable, and performance awards are consistent with the performance pool.
  • Late May- Supervisors complete the Performance Appraisal forms, and after consultation with their Dean, Director or Department Head meet with their employees to discuss performance.
  • Early June - Deans and Vice Presidents return the completed Performance Appraisal Spreadsheets, performance scores and recommend pay increases to Human Resources.
  • Late June
    • Human Resources forwards Performance Award Increase Notifications to Vice Presidents and Deans; who notify employees of pay increases.
    • New rates, including general increase and performance increase, if applicable, are effective. Human Resources enters the increases into the payroll system
    • Signed Performance Appraisal forms are returned to the Office of Human Resources for filing.

Training Programs

Human Resources has created a training manual to help supervisors use the Performance Evaluation Program as effectively as possible. The manual includes:

  • Introductory material
  • Initiating the performance appraisal process
  • Frequently asked questions and their answers
  • Sample appraisal forms
  • Evaluation process checklist
  • Information on creating a successful performance review meeting
  • Performance Appraisal Training Manual for L2324 Represented Employees: Contact Human Resources for more information.

Your Human Resources Business Partner will also review the process with you and answer any questions.

Performance Appraisal Forms

Click below to get to the performance appraisal form.

Assistance and Questions

For assistance with completion of the forms and for assistance with employee performance issues, please contact your HR Business Partner.