Temporary Agency Personnel

TerrierTemps is BU’s Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) program that provides a single source for finding, screening, selecting, and paying for temporary agency personnel.

For more on hiring through TerrierTemps, please visit the BU Sourcing & Procurement website. To contact the TerrierTemps Program Management office, please email butemps@bu.edu or call 617-358-6421.


For TerrierTemps positions that may require a University Identification Number (UID) to access BU system resources (such as email), the appropriate departmental administrator can be a sponsor for a guest account from IS&T—simply submit a ticket.

If a TerrierTemps position requires access to SAP, the department will need to perform a hiring action in SAP for a non-compensated position. This process creates a University Identification Number (UID).

When a TerrierTemps position has an approved business need for a physical Terrier Card, the card will be given out by the Human Resources office. For information on this process, please reference Terrier Cards for Affiliates. Individuals must come to Human Resources with a completed Terrier Card Request Form. Please note that this process creates a University Identification Number (UID).

A Terrier Card is not required to obtain a University Identification Number (UID).

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email the TerrierTemps Program Management office.