Fill an Open Position

Do you have an opening on your staff due to a promotion, resignation, or transfer? Or, perhaps your department is growing and you received approval to add a new position. Either way, you can fill a vacant position in your department by following these simple steps.

Create/Maintain a Position in Organizational Management

Each department has a different internal approval process for the creation of new positions or maintenance of existing positions, so please check with your department administration to learn your process. To post a position, as part of the creation of a new position or the maintenance of an existing position through Manager Self Service (MSS), you will select the “posting” and “date to be posted” options on the form. After you complete the form through MSS, it is sent electronically through an approval workflow process.

Once the position is approved through the approval workflow process, your Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS) will review the position and post the position on the Boston University HR website. Please make sure the description is accurate and reflects the total scope of the position. TAS will post the position using the information included in the electronic position description.

The approved requisition is posted online on the BU HR Careers website and both internal and external candidates may begin to apply.

Giving Your Job Posting Additional Exposure

If your posting needs greater exposure, contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist to discuss advertising. We can provide you with recommendations, creative services, posting requirements, deadlines, and estimated costs to help you develop your external advertisement. Please note that additional advertisement fees will be paid for by your department.

The Hiring Process:

  • The Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS) will contact you to review qualifications and use the University’s applicant tracking system, SilkRoad Recruiting, to forward qualified internal and external candidates for your consideration.
  • TAS will screen applicants.
  • The hiring manager or TAS will call candidates for initial screen.
  • After identifying potential candidates, in consultation with your TAS, you will contact candidates to schedule interviews.
  • After interviewing candidates, you will provide feedback to the TAS.
  • Employment references should be conducted by either the hiring manager or TAS.
  • Upon review of the candidates, and in consultation with your TAS, you will provide your hiring recommendation.
  • The TAS will extend the contingent offer of employment to the candidate.
  • Once the candidate accepts, TAS will remove the position from the HR website.
  • The TAS will process the background check.
  • HR will notify all other candidates who were interviewed that the position is filled.

    Please note that all positions must be posted for at least five business days before an offer of employment can be made. All offers of employment must be made through HR. If you are ready to make an offer, contact your TAS. Also, candidates cannot begin employment at Boston University until the background check is successfully completed.

    If you have any questions regarding SilkRoad Recruiting or the Boston University hiring process, please contact your TAS.