Employee & Manager Self Service

The BUWorks Central portal is a great online resource that enables you to view and make changes to your personal information on the University SAP system.

How to Access the portal

You will be able to access your information on the portal as soon as the administrative offices have processed the necessary paperwork and set you up on SAP.

You must have a BU login name and Kerberos password to log on to the BUWorks Central portal. Please note that the tabs on your BUworks Central portal are assigned according to your business role.  Your tabs may appear slightly different, depending on your business role.  If you are been assigned the manager role, you will see the Manager Self Service (MSS) tab. All employees have access to Employee Self Service (ESS).

What’s Available on Employee Self Service (ESS):

Working Time (only visible for hourly employees)

  • Record Working Time: you can access your timesheet and record daily work hours or time off.
  • Release Working Time: you need to release your timesheet in order for your manager to review your weekly work hours.  Be sure to release your time sheet no later than midnight Sunday.

Time Off

  • Time off Request: you can request time off in advance for vacation, sick and other short term absences.  Your manager will review and respond by email notification.
  • Quota Overview: View your quota balance for vacation, sick, personal, and comp time.

Personal Information

  • Home Address and Emergency Contact: Display and update your home address and emergency contact.
  • Office Address & Office Phone: Display and update your office address or office phone number.
  • BU Alert Information: Display and update your BU Alert contact information.
  • Family Member/Dependents: Enter, change, or delete information about your family members or dependents.
  • Personal Data: Display and update your personal data.
  • Visa, Citizenship, Race and Ethnicity: Display your visa and citizenship information and update your race and ethnicity.

Benefits and Pay

  • New Hire Enrollment: (link becomes viewable only if Benefits activates this link for a benefits eligible New Hire)
  • Anytime Changes: Change your supplemental life insurance coverage amounts for yourself, your spouse and dependent children.  Please note that adding or increasing coverage require Evidence of Insurability.
  • Participation Overview: View a list of plans in which you are currently enrolled.
  • Benefits Medical Information: Designate your primary care physician during your new hire enrollment or open enrollment period.
  • Tuition Remission: Apply for the Tuition Remission benefit for yourself, your spouse, or your unmarried dependent children.
  • Retirement Plan Enrollment: Enroll in the Boston University Retirement Plan and/or Supplemental Retirement and Savings Plan, change your contributions or investment options.
  • Flexible Spending Account Balances: View your current Flexible Spending Account balances.
  • Salary Statement: View your latest salary statement.
  • Annual Benefits Statement: View your latest annual benefits statement.
  • Direct Deposit: Enter, change, or delete your bank information.
  • W-4 Tax Withholding: Create, change, and display the tax withholding information included on the W-4 form.

Work Environment

  • University Property: Display the University property assigned to you.

Campus Services

  • Charles River Parking Services: Apply for parking permit, apply for MBTA pass, cancel MBTA pass, Parking FAQs
  • Terrier Convenience Plan: Enroll, change spending limit, view your statement, terms and conditions, Terrier Convenience plan FAQs
  • Fitness and Recreation Center: Membership enrollment, FitRec FAQs

Whats Available on Manager’s Self Service (MSS)

  • Approve your employee’s time
  • Hire a new employee
  • Initiate personnel actions
  • View your organizational profile
  • Create or maintain a position

Charles River Campus Employees

Contact the Payroll Office at 617-353-2270 to update your:

  • Country of citizenship

Contact the Systems Section of Human Resources at hrsys@bu.edu to update your:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

Contact the Benefits Section of Human Resources at hrben@bu.edu with any benefits questions.

  • Spouse/Family information

Please contact Human Resources at 617-353-2380 if you have any general questions.

Medical Campus Employees

Contact Human Resources at 617-638-4610 to update your:

  • Name
  • Country of citizenship
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

Contact the Benefits Section of Human Resources at hrben@bu.edu with any benefits questions

Please contact Human Resources at 617-638-4610 if you have any questions.

Please note that the BUworks Central portal is accessible using only certain browser versions, please visit this site for the most current information.   If you are using a public computer make sure you log out and then close your browser once you are finished.