HR Staff Listing

Human Resources staff on the Charles River Campus and Medical Campus are available to prospective, current, and retired employees of Boston University. The Human Resources staff responsibilities are referenced on this website as CRC to represent Charles River Campus and BUMC to represent Medical Campus. In the instances where our staff responsibilities cover both campuses it is listed as “BU” for Boston University. The physical location of our staff does not necessarily correspond to the listing.

Human Resources
Human Resources Main Number 617-353-2380
Medical Campus Main Number 617-638-4610
Chief Human Resources Officer TUCKER, Diane 617-358-6887
Executive Assistant CRC ALEXANDER, Inez 617-353-4480
Administrative Assistant BUMC OPEN 617-638-4617
Human Resources Assistant BUMC KIELY, Shannon 617-638-4610
Project Manager CRC GLASER, Lore 617-358-6465
Project Manager BU BRAUN, Mark 617-638-5358
Executive Director of Benefits BU GUNDOGAN, Nimet 617-353-4489
Senior Benefits Analyst BU PAIOFF, Adam 617-353-5379
Senior Benefits Analyst BU MOHAN, Kathryn 617-353-4488
Benefits Administrator IV BU OPEN 617-353-5459
Benefits Administrator II BU OPEN 617-353-5379
Benefits Administrator II BU LYONS, Kim 617-353-5378
Benefits Administrator I BU TANAKA, Matthew 617-353-4462
Benefits Assistant II BU ROSE, Eugenia 617-353-4473
Benefits Assistant II BU MONIZ, Connie 617-353-4487
Project Manager BU OPEN 617-358-0711
Manager of Compensation BU KERR, Michael 617-353-4486
Senior Compensation Analyst BU PIERCE, Patricia 617-353-6473
Compensation Analyst BU NNOLI, Mary 617-353-2918
Compensation Analyst BU OPEN 617-358-5953
Compensation Analyst BU ANDRUSKIWEC, Danielle 617-358-5952
HR Consulting, Operations, Employment & Training, and Global HR
Executive Director of Human Resources CRC BROWNAWELL, Carolyn 617-353-4720
Executive Director of Org. Development & Learning CRC BLOCH, Marci 617-353-2380
Director, HR Service Center CRC WARNER, Dietrich 617-358-7508
Manager, HR Service Center CRC KEANE, Majella 617-358-4709
Director of Human Resources, Medical Campus BUMC LAZIC, Boris 617-638-4612
Human Resources Consultant BUMC CELADO, BEN 617-638-4614
Human Resources Consultant CRC FLEMING, Mary 617-353-4484
Human Resources Consultant BUMC GRAY, Alison 617-638-5420
Human Resources Consultant CRC ENG, Betty 617-353-4485
Human Resources Consultant CRC STEINBERG, Meghan 617-353-2898
Human Resources Consultant CRC RAMDAS, Jag 617-353-4515
Human Resources Assistant III CRC AGUIAR, Lucy 617-353-4044
Global HR Business Partner CRC AHSANULLAH, Raschid 617-353-3323
Manager of Employment and Training BU BAGARELLA, Thomas 617-358-6985
Onboarding Specialist CRC PAPETTI, Tricia 617-358-5472
Human Resources Representative/Onboarding Specialist BUMC ABDULWAHHAB, Najma 617-638-4613
Senior Employment & Training Specialist CRC LAMOTHE, Kelly 617-353-4474
Employment & Training Specialist CRC CELESTE, Dina 617.358.4797
Employment & Training Specialist CRC LYNCH, Aisling 617-353-4460
Employment Specialist BUMC ALLEN, Lyle 617-638-4619
Employment Specialist BUMC KENT, Daniel 617-638-4779
Employment Specialist BUMC OPEN 617-638-4616
Human Resources Assistant II CRC WILBUR, Stacey 617-353-3500
Human Resources Assistant I CRC DENNY-BURROWES, Myrlene 617-353-2380
Human Resources Information Systems
Senior Director of HRIS BU AKHTAR, Uzma 617-353-4463
Director of Systems BU CANELLOS, Maria 617-353-3764
Human Resources Business Analyst BU RAMONES, Edwin 617-358-5950
HRIS Analyst II BU HURDLE, Marc 617-353-2972
Business Data Analyst BU SNOW, Kyle 617-358-5951
Time Management Administrator BU SMALL, Jeffrey 617-358-4817
HCM Trainer BU RAO, Shuchita 617-353-4466
Labor Relations
Director of Labor Relations BU BURGESS, Juditra 617-353-4481
Human Resources Records Administrator CRC FLAHERTY, Kate 617-353-4470
Personnel Specialist BUMC COLE, Malissa 617-638-4549