Request a University Identification Number (UID)—Medical Campus

The SAP New Hire will generate UID’s as part of the hiring action. However, departments may need a UID number in advance of this hiring action.

    To request a UID for… Submit requests to…
    • Full-time faculty with appointments approved by the Office of the Provost
    • A temporary employee (OT level) and temporary agency personnel
    • Part-time faculty
    • Research associates
    • Noncompensated employees
    • Visiting scholars
    • Other affiliates of the University
    Human Resources
    Primary Contact:

    Malissa Cole,
    Personnel Specialist
    Phone: 617-638-4549

    You can request a UID by contacting Personnel Specialist Malissa Cole in Human Resources, who will provide you with guidance regarding the necessary paperwork for a UID.

    Please do NOT send Social Security numbers or date of birth information via unsecured e-mail. Please call the appropriate office to provide this information.