Orientating Your New Employee

Providing a welcoming, collegial, and professional environment is necessary to ensure that an employee’s first few days are a success.

As a manager, you play a key role in orientating your new employee to your department. You need to prepare for the employee’s arrival and make sure he or she has the resources, work-related items, and necessary training to succeed in the new position.

To ensure that you and your new employee complete all the required tasks, forms and procedures, below is a suggested guideline.  Please note that depending on the type of hire, some of the items listed below may or may not be relevant.


Prior to Employee’s Arrival

  • Inform staff of the employee’s arrival
  • Set up and clean the new employee’s office space
  • Obtain office supplies
  • Establish an office mailbox
  • Establish a first day schedule
  • Establish a training schedule

Employee’s First Week

  • Introduce the new employee to staff
  • Review the dress code and office protocol
  • Accompany him or her on a tour of building/office/facilities, including lunchroom, emergency exits, and restrooms
  • Discuss the location of the T stop or parking lot closest to the office
  • Provide keys (e.g., office, building, desk, file cabinets)
  • Provide security codes, if necessary
  • Show him or her the location of fax machines, copiers, printers, etc. and provide instructions and any access information
  • Ensure employee has access to the BUworks Central portal and confirm your employee has entered their Personal Data and provided Emergency Contact Information.  Use Online Employee Tools as a reference.
  • Establish access to appropriate computing resources and electronic files
  • Establish phone extension, activate voicemail, provide long distance access code
  • Add employee’s name to any email group lists, distribution lists, internal/office phone lists and/or website
  • Explain completion of timesheet for exempt employees
  • Explain time entry via ESS for non-exempt employees
  • Review the pay schedule
  • Confirm the work schedule
  • Complete Patent Policy Form
  • Complete Conflict of Interest policy statement
  • Order and distribute relevant work related items, i.e.: Business cards, Nameplates, Name badge, P-card, Cell phone, Beeper, Laptop, Uniforms, Manuals/handbooks, Tools
  • Review the position description
  • Review performance standards



  • Complete W-4 Federal form via ESS
  • Complete W-4 State form  via ESS
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit via ESS