Temporary Agency Personnel

TerrierTemps is BU’s Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) program that provides a single source for finding, screening, selecting and paying for agency temporary workers.

For more on hiring TerrierTemps, please visit the BU Sourcing & Procurement website. To contact the TerrierTemps Program Management Office (PMO), please email butemps@bu.edu or call (617) 358-6421.

For TerrierTemps that may require a University Identification Number (UID) to access university system resources to perform their duties, such as email, the appropriate departmental administrator can be a sponsor for a β€œGuest account” from IS&T by submitting a ticket.

If a TerrierTemp requires access to SAP to perform their job role, such as β€œshopper”, the department will need to perform a hiring action on SAP to a non-compensated position. This process creates a University Identification Number (UID).

TerrierTemps with an approved business need for a physical Terrier card would receive one in the Human Resources office.Β  Please reference the Terrier Card for Affiliates for information on this process. Individuals must come to Human Resources with a completed Terrier Card Request form. This process creates a University Identification Number (UID).

A Terrier card is not required to obtain a University Identification Number (UID).

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please email.