Employee Data Maintenance Via MSS

As a manager, you play a critical role in maintaining your employees’ information in the BU online database. You may also be responsible for assisting them in maintaining their own information in the database. Access to this information is based on your role and determines what information you can view and update in the system

Manager’s Self Service (MSS) is a tool to maintain employees’ position and salary information. Access to this system is granted to managers, payroll coordinators and time keepers.

Time keepers, payroll coordinators, and managers will be able to access hourly employees working time information within the Team section of MSS. They will be able to approve, review, modify, or enter time sheets for hourly employees through MSS.

Managers and payroll coordinators will be able to hire faculty and temporary employees, including non-compensated affiliates, and initiate employee personnel actions such as promotion, transfers, and terminations. They will be able to view their units organizational chart and export their charts to PDF or PowerPoint formats. They will be able to view all position information including cost distribution, employee group and compensation.

MSS forms for manager’s include; Organizational Unit Request form, Create Position form, Maintain Position form, Delimit Position form, and Hiring forms.