Salary Structure and Temporary Employees

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Temporary Employees are subject to the same legal requirements as regular employees in terms of job classification and rate of pay, according to their FLSA status of “Exempt” or “Non-Exempt”.

Accurate time records must be maintained for all hourly employees and wages must be paid in a timely manner in observance of applicable law. For non-exempt Temporary Employees, all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week must be paid at the rate of time and one-half.

Temporary Employee Suggested BU Compensation Ranges, Job Titles, and Categories

Category Sample Job Titles BUworks Job Code Recommended Minimum Recommended Maximum
Instructional (Non-Faculty) – Non-Exempt Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Trainer 20002076 $8.00/hr $40.00/hr
Instructional (Non-Faculty) – Exempt Instructor, Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Trainer, Lecturer 20002077 N/A N/A
Academic Support – Non-Exempt Grader 20002101 $8.00/hr $25.00/hr
Academic Support – Exempt Advisor 20002102 N/A N/A
Administrative – Non-Exempt Office Assistant, Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Front Desk Clerk, Operational Assistant 20002078 $8.00/hr $25.00/hr
Administrative – Exempt Program Director, Program Manager, Study Group Facilitator, Project Manager 20002079 N/A N/A
Research – Non-Exempt Research Assistant, Research Technician, Lab Technician 20002080 $8.00/hr $35.00/hr
Research – Exempt Researcher, Statistics Consultant 20002081 N/A N/A
Technical – Non-Exempt Network Technician, Desktop Services Technician, Client Support Specialist, Technician, Support Specialist 20002103 $8.00/hr $60.00/hr
Technical – Exempt Website Developer, QA Engineer, QA Specialist, Analyst, Developer, Engineer, Project Manager 20002104 N/A N/A
Clinical – Non-Exempt Athletic Trainer 20002105 $8.00/hr $60.00/hr
Clinical – Exempt Per Diem Therapist 20002106 N/A N/A
Recreation – Non-Exempt Official, Camp Counselor, Sports Specialist, Lifeguard 20002107 $8.00/hr $25.00/hr
Recreation – Exempt Club Coach 20002108 N/A N/A
Arts/Theater/Sports – Non-Exempt Actor, Stage Hand, Musician, Broadcaster, Ticket Taker, Usher, Clock Operator, Shot Clock Operator, PA Announcer, A/V Assistant, Scoreboard Operator, Penalty Box Operator, Official Scorer, Statistician 20002109 $8.00/hr $45.00/hr
Arts/Theater/Sports – Exempt Stage Manager, Set Designer, Sound Designer 20002110 N/A N/A