Enrolling in the Flexible Benefits Program

You enroll in the Automatic Before-Tax Health, Dental, and Accident Insurance Contributions component of the Flexible Benefits Program at the same time you enroll in group coverage under the eligible health, dental, and accident insurance plans. New employees enroll via Employee Self Service at BUworks Central.  Alternatively, enrollment forms are available from Human Resources.

Flexible Spending Accounts – Dependent Care and Health Care

The open enrollment period for the flexible spending accounts is held each year from mid-November to mid-December or such earlier period as the Plan Administrator may specify.

If you enroll during an open enrollment period, your participation will become effective on the following January 1. If you are hired after the close of an open enrollment period, you will have 30 days from your benefits orientation date to enroll. In both cases, participation will continue through the following December 31.

When you enroll, you must indicate the total amount of money you wish to put into the account during the plan year.

Once you have enrolled, your choices remain in effect until the next open enrollment period, unless: