My Performance

During the annual review process, you will receive a performance appraisal from your immediate supervisor. A performance appraisal is a review and discussion of your performance of assigned duties and responsibilities. The performance appraisal provides a way to help identify areas for improvement and helps you to reach your future goals.

The goal of the performance appraisal process is to recognize your achievements, evaluate your job progress, and suggest ways to further develop your skills and strengths. The results of the performance appraisal are one factor taken into consideration when setting your pay for the coming year.

As part of the performance review process, you will receive a performance rating on a 1–5 scale, as follows:

5) Outstanding—Performance far exceeds all essential position requirements. Accomplishments go above and beyond the standard requirements of the position.

4) Excellent—Performance meets the essential position requirements and exceeds some requirements of the position.

3) Successful—Performance meets the essential position requirements. Accomplishments are in accordance with the standards of the position.

2) Needs Improvement—Performance meets some of the essential position requirements. Improvements are required to reach the successful level of meeting all essential position requirements.

1) Unacceptable—Performance does not meet the requirements of the position.

During the performance appraisal process, your most recent job description will also be reviewed and updated if necessary.

After you have discussed your performance appraisal with your supervisor, you may provide written comments on the appraisal form. These comments will be made part of your employee file.