Employees Represented by BUSOA


Length of Service Number of Vacation Days
Less than 3 months of service 0
At least 3 months and less than 12 months 2/3 of a day for each full month of service
At least 12 months of service but less than 24 months 10 days
At least 24 months of service but less than 120 months 15 days
120 months or more of service 20 days

Please note that you are not eligible for vacation days if you have a basic short working year (less than 52 weeks).

You must arrange your vacation time in advance in order to ensure your time off. Seniority will apply if two or more employees claim the same vacation period.

Additional Vacation details:
You may accrue up to two weeks of vacation from year to year. You may also take vacation in increments of at least four hours. You are not able to volunteer for overtime work while on vacation.

Sick Leave

Sick Leave allows you to take an authorized paid absence from work for medical care, personal illness or injury, or the care of an ill immediate family member.

Length of Service Number of Sick Days
Less than 12 months of service 1/2 day per month of work
12 months or more of service 1 day per month after your first 12 months of work
At least 12 months but less than 24 months of service 10 days
5 years If you have exhausted your sick leave, you may take leave at 50% of your pay, at 1 week for each year of service (up to 7 weeks)

Additional Sick Leave Details:
You may be eligible to save your current Sick Leave for next year. See the chart below for the amount of Sick Leave that can be credited to your accrual on January 1 of the following calendar year.

Yearly Sick Leave Usage Additional Sick Leave Accrual
None 2 days
1 day 1½  days
2 days 1 day
3 or 4 days ½ day
5 or more days None

For more information, please see the BUSOA contract.