If You Become Disabled

If you become disabled due to illness or injury, immediately notify the Benefits Section of Human Resources that you will be absent and how long you expect to be away from work. (If the illness or injury is work-related, you may be eligible for Workers’ Compensation.)

If you are unable to return to work (or if you are suffering a 20% or greater earnings loss) after six months, you may be eligible for long-term disability benefits. (If you are disabled for five months or longer, you may also be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.)

Prompt submission of all required paperwork will provide faster evaluation of your claim and result in your disability benefits being received with minimal delay. You should remain under the continuous care of a doctor who is monitoring your condition and who can verify your continuing disability to Boston University.

If you or a dependent needs personal help, you may contact the Faculty/Staff Assistance Office for confidential counseling and referral services.

Here is a summary of the effect on your benefits if you become disabled.

Health Plan

  • If you are receiving benefits from the Long-Term Disability (LTD) Plan, you may continue medical care coverage at no cost to you for the first two years of your disability. During this time, Boston University will be your primary health plan provider.
  • After you have been disabled for two years, you must enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. At this time, Medicare will become your primary health plan provider, with your Boston University Health Plan as your secondary health care provider, so that your overall benefits will be the same as other health plan members in the same coverage option as you. There is a monthly premium for Medicare Part B, which will be your responsibility.
  • Coverage ends when your payments from the LTD Plan end.

Dental Health Plan

  • If you are receiving benefits from the LTD Plan, you may continue your membership in the Dental Health Plan at no cost to you.
  • Coverage ends when your payments from the LTD Plan end.

Long-Term Disability Plan

  • You must complete three years of full-time continuous service before you become eligible for the LTD Plan, unless you provide satisfactory evidence that you had been covered by a previous employer and no more than three months had passed between the termination of that coverage and your first day of employment with the University.
  • Benefit payments will begin on the date you complete 180 days of continuous total and/or partial disability.
  • If you are totally disabled, each monthly payment will be 60% of your monthly base salary, up to a maximum monthly benefit amount of $14,500.
  • If you are partially disabled, the amount of your monthly disability benefit will be adjusted, taking into consideration the amount of your earnings while partially disabled.

Basic Life Insurance Plan

  • Coverage continues at no cost to you while you are receiving payments from the LTD Plan.

Group Supplemental Life Insurance Plan

  • Coverage continues at no cost to you while you are receiving payments from the LTD Plan.

Travel Accident Insurance Plan

  • Coverage ends on the last day you are actively at work.

Personal and Family Accident Insurance Plan

  • You may continue this insurance as long as you continue to pay the premiums.

Retirement Plan

  • Your disability insurance pays your required contributions and the University’s contributions. This benefit will continue until you recover or die, or until your disability benefits end.

Supplemental Retirement & Savings Plan

  • Your contributions will be suspended while you are on disability.
  • You may continue to direct the investment of assets in your account and make withdrawals, under the terms of the plan.

Flexible Spending Account – Dependent Care and Flexible Spending Account – Health Care

  • You may continue to submit claims for expenses incurred during the calendar year in which your total disability occurs.
  • Claims must be submitted no later than March 31 following the end of that calendar year.

Tuition Remission Program

  • If you are receiving benefits under the LTD plan, the University will provide your eligible unmarried dependent children with up to eight semesters of Tuition Remission in an undergraduate degree program, based on your years of continuous service.

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