Changes in Your Work & Family

Boston University provides a comprehensive, competitive, and flexible benefits program designed to help meet the changing needs of you and your family throughout your career with the University.

As your life changes, your benefit needs may also change. This site can help you when you experience a major life event (e.g., marry, have a child, or retire from Boston University). It highlights things you must do, when you must do them, and changes you can make.

There are two types of life events that can affect your benefits.

Work-related Events

  • If you become disabled
  • Joining Boston University
  • Leaving or retiring from Boston University
  • Taking a leave of absence

Family-related Events

  • Becoming a parent
  • Change in spouse’s employment status
  • Designating beneficiaries
  • Getting divorced
  • Getting married
  • In case of your or a family member’s death