Tuition Remission Benefits for Your Dependent Children

Once you have satisfied the service requirements, each of your eligible unmarried dependent children may take up to eight semesters through the Tuition Remission Program, as long as they apply, are admitted to, and are enrolled in undergraduate degree programs at Boston University or as seniors at Boston University Academy. The amount of Tuition Remission benefits granted for their courses depends upon your length of eligible service with the University. Tuition Remission is not available for any graduate courses taken by dependent children.

If your employment ends before the first day of classes, your dependent will be required to pay full tuition for the courses taken that semester. If your employment ends before the last day of classes, your dependent’s benefits will continue until the end of the semester.

In the event your unmarried dependent children have received eight semesters of Tuition Remission benefits and need an additional semester to complete their undergraduate studies, it may be possible to repay the University for one semester of Tuition Remission benefits that were previously received in exchange for Tuition Remission benefits for a prospective semester. Please contact Human Resources for additional information regarding this provision.