Short-Term Disability

The Short-Term Disability Plan is designed to provide an income to you and your family if you are unable to work for longer than 45 days as a result of injury or sickness.

To help you find detailed information about your Short-Term Disability (STD) Plan benefits, we have divided the site into the following segments:

  • Short-Term Disability Plan Overview — Contains a brief look at some of the STD plan features.
  • Participation — Provides information on eligibility, automatic enrollment, and cost of the STD Plan. Also informs you about waiver of the three-year service requirement.
  • How the Plan Works — Defines disability and gives details on monthly STD payments, benefit duration, tax on your STD income, and exclusions and limitations.
  • How to Obtain Benefits — Features the claims process and procedures for appealing the denial of a claim.
  • When Membership in the STD Plan Ends — Explains the effect on your STD benefits if you take a leave of absence. Also clarifies when membership in the STD Plan ends.