Moving Account Balances

The following rules apply for moving account balances from one investment account administrator to another:

  1. Transfers between the Vanguard Target Retirement Funds, Core Mutual Funds and BrokerageLink can be done online at any time. A fee may be charged if more than four transfers are made in a calendar year.
  2. Transfers out of the CREF Annuities into the TIAA Traditional, Vanguard Target Retirement Fund, Core Mutual Funds and BrokerageLink may be done at any time.*
  3. Transfers out of Vanguard Target Retirement Funds, Core Mutual Funds and BrokerageLink into the TIAA-CREF Core Annuities may be done at any time, except that TIAA and CREF cannot accept Roth after-tax contributions.
  4. Transfers from the TIAA Traditional to the CREF Annuities, Vanguard Target Retirement Funds, Core Mutual Funds and BrokerageLink can be done at any time.*
  5. Transfers may be made out of the following annuities that are closed to new contributions at any time. *
    • TIAA Real Estate Account
    • CREF Equity Index Account
    • CREF Global Equities
    • CREF Bond Market
    • CREF Growth Account
    • CREF Social Choice

*Transfer subject to paperwork. First, contact TIAA-CREF for the applicable paperwork, if you would like to complete a transfer from any of the CREF Annuities or the TIAA Traditional.

Other restrictions or requirements may apply. See the disclosure materials for any fund you are considering.

You will receive quarterly statements directly from Fidelity Investments or TIAA/CREF detailing the activity of your plan accounts and investments.