Income Solutions

Boston University is pleased to provide an income annuity purchase program called Income Solutions®. Income Solutions® is part of the Hueler Companies, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is a leading technology and research firm.

How Can Income Solutions® Help You?

When you are ready to begin receiving your retirement income, an income annuity is one option you may want to explore. Income Solutions® provides you with the tools necessary to easily convert all or a portion of your retirement assets into an annuity which provides a steady income stream you cannot outlive. Since Income Solutions® is offered through Boston University, you are able to purchase income annuities at a group discount or wholesale prices compared to those offered in the retail marketplace.

An annuity is a long-term contract between an annuitant and an insurance company in which the annuitant receives income payments at regular intervals from a fixed date for a specific fixed period of time and/or until death in return for the premium that the annuitant pays to the insurance company.

  • Use the Annuity Income Calculator
    By accessing Income Solutions® through Boston University’s website, you will be able to use the income calculator. After you answer several questions, estimates for each of the immediate fixed income annuity options available through Income Solutions® will be provided along with a definition of each type. You may want to try calculating several scenarios before determining which best meets your personal circumstances. Once you have an idea of what your needs are and which annuity option(s) may make sense for you, you may request quotes.
  • Request Quotes
    Income Solutions® provides you with a platform in which you can receive quotes from a broad group of high-quality insurance companies who participate in the Income Solutions® program. Every quote request is competitively bid across the participating insurance companies to ensure that retirees receive the best available annuity quotes. All annuity quotes are provided on equal terms ensuring comparison.

There is no cost to you to use the Annuity Income Calculator or to request quotes. However, if you purchase an annuity through Income Solutions®, Hueler Companies will receive a specified fee which is disclosed at the Income Solutions® site.

How to Access Income Solutions®

To access Income Solutions®, visit the protected BU login page. You will need to enter your user ID and Kerberos password.