ESPlannerPLUS Financial Planning Software

Free Download for Boston University Employees

If you are a Boston University employee, you may download ESPlannerPLUS for free by submitting your name and University ID number below. In order to download this software, you will need an BU login account and Kerberos password. If you do not have an BU Login account and wish to learn more about setting one up and obtaining a Kerberos password, please visit the Information Services and Technology website.

ESPlannerPLUS V2 uses Microsoft Excel to display reports. You must have Excel installed prior to installation of ESPlannerPLUS. ESPlannerPLUS will run using Excel in any of the following products: Microsoft Office 2000, XP, and 2003. ESPlannerPLUS does not support Office 97, Microsoft Works, or Star Office.

ESPlannerPLUS will run on Windows 98 or newer operating systems. A minimum of 500Mhz clock speed and 512 megabytes of memory is recommended. If you are planning to run Monte Carlo simulations in ESPlannerPLUS, a 1Ghz or better system is recommended.

On the MacIntosh platform, ESPlannerPLUS will run on the Connectix Virtual PC, but you must also have a Windows version of Excel installed in the Windows environment.

To learn more about ESPlannerPLUS and examine research studies based on ESPlannerPLUS, please visit

View the ESPlannerPLUS tutorial, which is also included with the ESPlannerPLUS Installation Kit.

For technical support, please send e-mail messages to

Please complete the required fields below and click the “Submit” button. You will be prompted for your BU username and Kerberos password. After logging in, a new page will appear with the web address for the ESPlannerPLUS software download.

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Your University ID Number begins with a “U” and is followed by eight numbers. DO NOT ENTER YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.