Investment Restrictions

Each investment fund sponsor places certain restrictions on your investments. For complete current details on restrictions, you should refer to the printed materials available from each of the investment account administrator. Some restrictions apply to how future contributions to the plan are invested:

  1. You may choose to invest your own future before-tax contributions in any of the funds available through TIAA/CREF funds or Fidelity , but you cannot split your contributions between the two. Similarly, University contributions cannot be split. This means that you could put all of your own contributions in TIAA/CREF and all the University’s contributions in Fidelity, or vice versa, but you cannot otherwise split the contributions between TIAA/CREF and Fidelity.
  2. If you choose to invest your before-tax contributions and University contributions in TIAA/CREF funds, you can split contributions between TIAA and CREF in any combination you choose.
  3. If you choose to invest in the funds available through Fidelity (both pre-tax and Roth after-tax contributions can be invested in the funds available through Fidelity), you can split contributions among the funds in any combination you choose.
  4. Subject to the restrictions on Roth after-tax contributions, you can  change your choice of where to invest future contributions as often as once a month.