Residence and dining plan rates

The information contained on this page is for the 2012 Summer housing season that recently ended and is presented here for your reference. Information for 2013 Summer Housing, including residence and dining plan rates, will be made available in December 2012.

The Summer 2012 rates listed below are on a per-person basis for 6-week and 12-week summer sessions. Your University student account must be settled prior to the first day of each summer session. If you are enrolled in a Summer Term program that is longer or shorter than six weeks, you will be charged a rate determined by BU Housing.

Dormitory-style residences (dining plan required, see options below)
Double- or triple-occupancy room
Single-occupancy room
Air conditioned double-occupancy room
Air conditioned single-occupancy room
Air conditioned rooms are available in one residence (575 Commonwealth Avenue) and space is limited. Other residences on campus are not air conditioned and students are not permitted to bring air conditioners into any residence.
Apartment-style residences (dining plan participation is optional)
Multiple-occupancy bedrooms
Configurations vary and include studio (one-bedroom) apartments for two students, one-bedroom apartments for two students (two persons per bedroom), and two-bedroom apartments for four students (two persons per bedroom).
Single-occupancy bedrooms
Configurations vary and include studio (one-room) apartments for one student only, one-bedroom apartments for one student only, and two-bedroom apartments for two students (one person per bedroom). There are a limited number of single-occupancy units.
Dining plans and Convenience Points
Dining plan options
10 Plus—any 10 meals each week
14 Plus—any 14 meals each week
19 Plus—all 19 meals each week
Meals may be used for all-you-care-to-eat breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner meals at Warren Towers, 700 Commonwealth Avenue.
Convenience Points may be purchased in addition to dining plans in initial amounts of $100, $200, $300, or in any other increment of $25. Additional Convenience Points may be purchased in $25 increments during the summer.
Convenience Points may be used like cash to buy additional meals served at the summer residence dining room, or to dine at any of the on-campus dining locations open during the summer on an à la carte basis, or at City Convenience stores, Barnes & Noble at Boston University, Agganis Arena concessions, most vending machines on campus, and laundry machines in the larger residences.

You will be held responsible for residence and, if applicable, dining plan rates for the entire period for which your Residence License Agreement is signed, unless you cancel your Residence License Agreement by the specified deadline, or you officially terminate your student status with the University as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the Summer 2012 Residence License Agreement.

Residence and dining plan rates are subject to change; additions or changes will be listed above when they become available.