Frequently Asked Questions


I do not attend BU, but I will be in Boston for the summer on an internship. Will you be able to provide me with housing on your campus?

We do offer internship housing to non-Boston University students who will be taking part in an internship in Boston during the summer. You can find more information on our Internship Housing page.

I am taking classes during Summer Session 1, but will not be taking classes during Summer Session 2. Can I live on campus for both sessions?

It depends. Continuing matriculated Boston University students are eligible to sign up for either summer session regardless of their registration status. Students who do not attend Boston University during the academic year are only eligible to live on campus for the duration of their registered summer courses.

I’m a current BU student and have an eight-week internship this summer. Can I sign up for housing for just those eight weeks?

BU students who are not registered for classes are only eligible to sign up for housing that follows the summer session schedule in six-week blocks. You would not be able to receive housing for the precise length of your internship, but you would be able to sign up for both sessions.

I’m going to be visiting Boston for a weekend during the summer. Would BU be able to offer me housing during my stay?

Unfortunately, Boston University Housing does not offer short-term accommodations to students or non-students during the summer. 

Applying for Summer Housing

I have missed the application deadline for summer housing. Can I still apply? Will there be space available?

We will continue to accept students to on-campus housing after the summer housing deadline as space allows. You should do what you can in order to make the deadline, as it increases your chances of receiving your first housing choice (assignments are made in date-received order), but we should still be able to house you if you have to apply late.

What is the deadline to cancel my summer housing? Is the $200 housing guarantee payment refundable?

The deadline to cancel your summer housing is the business day before your move-in date. Cancellation deadlines for the summer sessions are listed on our summer calendar. The $200 summer housing guarantee payment is nonrefundable, and will be forfeited if you choose to cancel your summer housing assignment.

Can I charge the $200 housing guarantee payment to my student account?

You cannot charge the housing guarantee payment to your student account. Since it is a partial pre-payment of your summer housing charges, you would essentially be charged twice by doing so, having to pay an additional $200 dollars on top of your summer charges instead of included within it.

Room Assignments

I am currently in on-campus housing, and will be staying on campus for the summer. Do I have to move out between the end of finals and the beginning of summer housing?

Continuing Boston University students who are living on campus during the spring semester and will be staying in housing during the first summer session do not need to move out when the residences close after the finals period. You will need to contact your academic year residence office to inform them you are staying during the interim period, and will be able to move from your academic year room to your summer room on the first day of Summer Session 1 housing. There is no charge for staying on campus during this time.

I currently live on campus. Can I keep the same room I’m currently in for the summer?

We do our best to fulfill requests students make to keep their same room. However, not all residences are in use during the summer months, and some residences are reserved for specific groups of students during the summer, so we cannot guarantee requests to keep an academic year assignments for the summer. You should indicate on your Assignment Interests Form that you want to keep your current room, and we will do what we can to accommodate your request.

I would like to live in a room with a student of the opposite gender. Does BU allow for these living arrangements during the summer?

We will be offering Gender-Neutral housing options for summer students who are at least 18 years of age. You can find out more information on our Summer Gender-Neutral Housing page.

Does my class standing affect the summer room assignment process?

Class standing is not considered during the summer assignment process. Since we have many students from other Universities living on campus with us during the summer, many of which do not follow the same class standing structure we do at Boston University, it is an inaccurate metric for summer housing assignments. All assignments are made purely in date-received order regardless of age or class standing.

What residences are open during the summer? Where can I expect to be living?

For the summer, we will be offering air-conditioned single and double dormitory-style rooms in Myles Standish Hall (610 Beacon Street). Air conditioned single bedrooms in apartments will be available at 33 Harry Agganis Way, and non-air-conditioned apartments will also be available in brownstones in South Campus. Certain apartments in South Campus will allow for the rental of an air conditioning unit through Vending Services. A full list of residences in use during the summer is released late in the spring semester, and is available on our Summer residences and residence offices page.

If I don’t like my room can I change it?

We do not offer room changes during the summer due to the short length of the summer sessions and the nature of how we use our housing space during the summer. That empty room down the hall from you is likely to be used by a group that is going to be arriving later in the summer, and we don’t always have the luxury of changing our housing plans to accommodate for a room change. If you are having difficulties, you are welcome to speak to your Resident Assistant, the full-time Residence Life staff at your residence office, or us directly at or 617-353-3511 and we will do what we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Living On Campus

My flight doesn’t arrive until after move-in hours. Can I still receive keys when I arrive, or do I have to make alternate arrangements?

You will be able to pick up your keys after hours. There is a Resident Assistant (RA) on call at all times that your residence office is not open, and he or she will be able to provide you with a temporary key for checking in. The on-call schedule and contact information for the current RA on call is posted by the entrance to the residence office, and in the vestibule of each summer residence. Contact the RA on call who will be able to provide access for the night.

What can I expect to find in my room when I arrive?

Each room and apartment contains standard bedroom furniture that consists of a mattress (80 inch extra-long twin size), a bed frame, a desk, a chair, a dresser and either a closet or wardrobe, depending on the layout of the room. Additionally, apartment-style units include a kitchen, a bathroom and some comfortable seating. The kitchen includes a sink, refrigerator and stove. You are expected to provide your own linens, and students in apartment-style housing will need to provide their own kitchen, bathroom and cleaning supplies. Shower curtains are provided for the bathrooms.

I left my keys in my room and am locked out. Who do I contact to get into my residence?

If you are locked out during business hours, you can get a temporary key to access your room at your residence office. Otherwise, you should contact the Resident Assistant (RA) on call. The on-call schedule changes daily, and the contact information for the current RA on call is posted by the entrance to the residence office and in the vestibule of each summer residence.

Where should I return my keys when I move out. What if I’m moving out after hours?

You should return your keys to your residence office, the same location at which you picked them up when you arrived at the beginning of your summer stay. If you are moving out at a time that the residence office is closed, you should utilize the key return drop box, which is located by the entrance of your residence office. Be sure to fill out a key receipt (they are available in the same area as the drop box) when using the drop box so you have a record that you returned your key.