Residence Access

To ensure that only authorized residents and their guests enter University residences, BU Housing provides uniformed security coverage twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at the main entrances of the large residences. Students must keep their Terrier Cards with them at all times. All students who enter the large residences must show their Terrier Cards to the security assistant each time they enter.

Students enter the small dormitory-style residences and the apartment-style residences with swipe access by using their Terrier Cards.  In some buildings where swipe access is not available, students are provided with a front door key.  These doors should never be propped open.

When someone visits a resident of a large residence, they must call the resident. The resident must then meet their guest at the security desk where the resident must present his/her Terrier Card and sign in the guest. All guests must leave a photo identification card at the security desk. No more than three guests per student are permitted at any time. Guests must be signed in and must be escorted by their hosts at all times. Boston University’s guest policy is detailed in Nonacademic and Residential Policies in the Boston University Lifebook.