How to Apply

Freshmen and transfer students can indicate their interest in up to three Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Residences on their New Student Housing Application; no further application or approval is required.

Current students must complete an application and be approved to live in Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Residences. Current students must receive approval before they can select the residence during room selection in the spring or change rooms (through a direct swap, pull-in, or room change offer). This application process is administered by Residence Life.

Instructions for how to apply to live in a Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Residences, as well as the application itself, can be found on the Specialty Community Residences website.

    There are specific times each year when students are encouraged to apply for Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Residences (e.g., prior to the Room Selection process). However, students may submit an application at any time.

    For more information about applying for Living-Learning Communities or Specialty Residences, contact Residence Life at 617-353-4380, or visit any residence office.