Transfer students

Transfer students are encouraged to live on campus in order to be fully engaged in the BU experience.  BU guarantees housing for transfer students (see special note below) for the duration of their undergraduate studies provided they remain within the residence system. The on-campus residences provide safe and supportive learning communities near classrooms, libraries, recreational facilities and dining locations.  There are a wide variety of accommodations within the BU residence system from historic brownstones on Bay State Road, to modern high-rises, to private apartments in the adjacent neighborhoods.  On campus housing for transfer students is not required but strongly recommended.


Special Note

New transfer students for Fall 2014, admitted as resident students, were guaranteed housing provided they completed the Housing Interest Survey by Wednesday, July 16, 2014.  We are no longer able to guarantee housing.  Please contact the BU Housing Office for on-campus housing information for spring 2015 and other future semesters.