Current students

After their first year in residence, undergraduate students who live on campus and desire on-campus housing for the next academic year use the Housing Reservation website. Students who complete their reservation (electronically sign their Residence License Agreement and submit their $600 nonrefundable housing guarantee payment using a credit card or a U.S. bank account) by the announced deadline may participate in the spring room selection process. Students may request the rooms they occupy in the current semester or, based upon available spaces, may request another residence, room/apartment, and roommate. Students receive an e-mail from BU Housing in early February with information about the Housing Reservation website and the spring room selection process.

Students are guaranteed housing for their entire undergraduate experience as long as their stays in on-campus housing are continuous. If students elect to move off campus and later decide they would like to live on campus, they must apply for on-campus housing. Once students leave on-campus housing, there is no guarantee that they will be provided on-campus housing in the future.