Housing Interests Survey

Freshmen are required to complete the online Housing Interests Survey in order to be assigned to a campus residence. If you are an entering student for the Fall 2014 semester, you will receive notification later this spring about completing the survey. The Housing Interests Survey is divided into three sections

  • Personal Information
  • Survey Questions
  • Residence License Agreement

The Personal Information section will display information currently appearing on a student’s University record. The Survey Questions section contains the following 12 questions:

 1. Which residences and campus areas interest you?

 2. Are you interested in specialty residences?

 3. Are you interested in apartment-style residences?

 4. Are you interested in a single-occupancy, dormitory-style room?

 5. Would you prefer to live on a single-sex floor?

 6. Would you prefer to live in a single-sex residence?

 7. Do you have a roommate request?

 8. Which one of your responses to Questions 1 through 7 is most important to you?

 9. Which dining plan would you like?

 10. Do you have a documented disability or medical condition that you believe warrants consideration when making your room assignment?

 11. Do you have a food allergy?

 12. Is there any other information you feel should be considered when making your room assignment?

The Residence License Agreement asks students to review the Terms and Conditions of the Residence License Agreement. Students (and their parents or legal guardians, if they are under 18 years of age) must electronically sign their Residence License Agreement. The responses provided on the Housing Interests Survey will be considered when making room assignments.