Gender-Neutral Housing Room Selection Overview

Students may select gender-neutral rooms, suites, and apartments if they have elected to participate in Gender-Neutral Housing when asked in their Continuing Student Housing Application. We encourage current roommates to communicate with each other about their plans to avoid any confusion. Gender-Neutral Housing is not available during Internal Selection; however, students have the ability to create gender-neutral spaces during Same Room and Same Room Pull-In (in eligible residences), as well as during Community Selection where spaces will be available across campus area, room size, room type, and price range.

Same Room and Same Room Pull-In

Students living in eligible suites, apartments, and rooms will have the option of choosing to remain in their same room for the next Academic Year. Within the Continuing Student Housing Application, students may choose Same Room in order to reserve their current room assignment for the next year. During this step, they may also choose to designate their unit as gender-neutral, and may choose to pull in other students into any vacant bed spaces. Keep in mind that gender-neutral units MUST have all bed spaces filled by the end of pull-in process resulting in a multi-gender unit.

There is no limit to the number of rooms, suites or apartments that can be selected as gender-neutral during the Same Room process.

Rooms that are not eligible for gender-neutral include Claflin, Rich and Sleeper Halls; the Warren Towers complex; The Towers; and Myles Annex.  In-coming freshmen are not eligible to live in gender-neutral housing, regardless of residence location.  Suites and rooms within Living-Learning and Specialty Housing communities are not eligible to be gender-neutral.

Community Selection

BU Housing designates approximately 100 bed spaces as gender-neutral for the academic year which will be available during Community Room Selection.

Only mixed gender groups can select these units and all assignable spaces within the unit must be filled. All usual rules and procedures for Community selection apply.