Who’s Your Dorm?

August 1st, 2010

A random survey reveals how buildings build personalities

By Cynthia K. Buccini. Video by Edward A. Brown

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In the video above, students share thoughts about the personalities of their residences.

Andrea DeVito chose to live in Warren Towers because it’s close to her classes at the College of Arts & Sciences and she knew she’d meet lots of freshmen. “I really like the fact that there’s always people around,” says DeVito (CAS’13). “I’m never bored.”

She’s not, however, a big fan of the communal bathrooms.

Conor Glover (CAS’13) likes the “outdoorsy” and community feel of West Campus and his view of the soccer field. Plus, he considers the food to be best on campus. “I’ve eaten at Warren, I’ve eaten at Towers,” he says. “They just don’t compare.”

But the long walk to class? Not so great.

Ask students in West Campus to sum up their home away from home, and they’re likely to boast about the campus feel or the dining hall’s burritos. Warren Towers denizens boast too, though for different reasons: friendliness, good communal spaces, central location. And if a hint of competitiveness comes through, it’s clearly good-natured.

So while Boston University doesn’t have a classic quad, surrounded by brick dorms with a church spire rising over an open green, it does have something many schools don’t: urban diversity.