Zoe Ho

Assistant Professor
of Hospitality Administration

ZoeyDr. Zoe Ho joined the School of Hospitality Administration as an assistant professor in September 2008. She currently teaches financial accounting and managerial accounting classes. Before joining BU, she studied at Texas Tech University for her doctoral degree in hospitality administration. Dr. Ho received her bachelor’s degree in business administration at Tamkang University in Taiwan and her master’s degree in hospitality management at Florida International University. After finishing her master’s program, she started her hotel career as a night auditor in Westin Cypress Creek, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Ho worked in several international chain hotels for more than eight years in Taiwan. Her industry experience included working in various departments, such as accounting, front office, executive office, room sales, and banquet. She also taught for two years at a private university in Taiwan. Dr. Ho’s research focuses on hotel expatriates’ oversea work experience, career advancement for woman hotel managers, and the development of China hospitality industry. In 2010, Dr. Ho was selected to participate in the BU/CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) faculty exchange program to conduct her research on woman hotel managers in Beijing, China.

Dr. Ho also offers a spring only elective course – Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Industries in China. This spring only course provides a unique opportunity to learn about China – the emerging superpower. The course requires a 10-day fieldtrip to China during the spring break (samples of student field trip e-portfolios are below).

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Prereq: (SHA HF 100)

An introductory course in Accounting designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the language of business. This course examines the basic accounting processes of recording, classifying, and summarizing business transactions. It also provides an opportunity to study elements of financial statements such as assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses. 4 credits, offered Fall & Spring.   [ 4 cr. ]

Prereq: CAS MA 120 or higher, SHA HF 210 or SMG AC 221, SHA HF 220 and SHA HF 270

After a review of financial-accounting principles, this course examines how financial information is assembled and presented according to the Uniform Systems Accounts for hospitality enterprises. The primary emphasis of the course is on analytical and decision-making uses of financial information, including such topics as cost behavior, leverage, cost-volume-profit analysis, contribution-margin pricing, and budgeting. The course concludes with a review of hotel operating forms, including franchising and management contracts and assessing their impact on financial performance and risk. 4 credits, offered Fall & Spring.   [ 4 cr. ]

Prereq: SHA HF 220 & SHA HF 270

This course is designed to introduce tourism and hospitality industries in China. This spring only course provides a unique opportunity to learn about China -- the emerging superpower and gain new perspective on travel and lodging operations. The course requires a field trip to China during the spring break. Students are responsible for additional fees for the trip. Class is open for all SHA sophomores, juniors, seniors, and SHA minors through an application and evaluation process. Contact Dr. Zoe Ho at zoejyho@bu.edu for application information. 4 credits, offered Spring Only.   [ 4 cr. ]


  • BBA, Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • MS, Florida International University, Miami, Florida
  • PhD, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Contact Information

Boston University School of Hospitality Administration
928 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 313
Boston, MA 02215