Current Clinical Pediatrics 2014

7:00 am on Monday, April 21, 2014
This conference is designed to address practice gaps in the areas of pediatric behavioral and developmental care, emergency medicine, general pediatrics, pulmonary, otolaryngology and neurology. The conference is intended to increase knowledge and competence by providing opportunities for learning through lectures, discussion, small group workshops, and interaction with faculty and peers. In addition to some of the specific clinical objectives listed below, the faculty have identified when they will address the Six Core Competencies required for Maintenance of Certification (see icons after each talk). MD/DO: $795 (Through March 15th); $825 (After March 15th) Allied health Professionals: $595 (Through March 15th); $625 (After March 15th) Residents/Students: $375 (Through March 15th); $400 (After March 15th)