Valerie Cekovsky ’11

Hometown: Southington, CT

Current Location: Rotonda West, FL

Why did you choose SHA?
I came to BU as a PR major and after a semester I didn’t think it was for me so I was a little lost. I had a friend that was in SHA and she raved about it so I decided to check it out and it was the best decision I ever made. I love the hospitality industry and I’m very service oriented. Every person at this school is willing to bend over backwards to help you succeed and they make the college experience absolutely wonderful.

What are some of your favorite BU memories?
My favorite BU memory is studying abroad in London for four months second semester junior year. Alternative Spring Break sophomore year and joining Kappa Delta senior year are also wonderful memories, along with all the Red Sox games I was able to go to! And living in StuVi, the nicest place you’ll live in your 20s.

What was your first full-time job? How did you end up in your current position?
I accepted a position as the Assistant Innkeeper at the Jared Coffin House on Nantucket the summer after senior year and I loved it. I love the island and I adored the people I worked with. Unfortunately it was only a seasonal job, and when my time was over that October I moved down to Florida. My boyfriend is a golf professional and picked up a year-round gig down here so I came down and found myself at the Gasparilla Inn. I worked as an assistant manager at their restaurant last year and am now a reservations agent in the hotel looking to expand my career into Human Resources.

Please describe your current role. How did your SHA education impact your career?
SHA’s education has taught me that I can do anything. I have the resources and the background to make anything work, and the real-life experience from my professors has helped me understand the ups and downs of the industry. While my position right now is minor, I am ready to step into a much bigger role in the field I want to grow in, but patience is a virtue. My education at SHA is what sparked my interest in HR and I have so many resources from classes to develop my knowledge in that field.

Any advice for current and prospective students?
Enjoy yourself! But prepare yourself for the future. Take advantage of all the opportunities that come along, good or bad. Use all of the resources available to you and meet as many people as possible, you never know who could help you out down the road! But really, enjoy every minute of school and do as much as you can!