Jorge Noriega ’10

jnoreigaHometown: Mexico City

Current Location: Mexico City

Why did you choose SHA?
I decided to choose SHA because of the educational curriculum, the university itself, professors, students, the career opportunities that are offered by the school, but most important because of the institution that backs up the School of Hospitality Administration. Boston University is one the top schools in the country with extraordinary professors, facilities and a great atmosphere. At Boston University, you are able to interact with people from around the world, different culture and background that enhance your experience at BU. A key advantage that SHA has is that in is located in a dynamic city. Boston has a strong hospitality industry which allows students to take advantage and enhance their academic experience by putting into practice what they learn at school with real life situations.

What is your favorite BU memory?
My favorite BU Memory was SHA Orientation and different social and cultural events that the University has to offer. During SHA orientation I was able to meet people that became great friends during college and hopefully continue. I was able to get accustomed to fast pace environment of the college experience. Having the opportunity to meet with peers allowed me to get to know the school better and take advantage of the classes that SHA offers.

What was your first full-time job, and how did you end up in your current position?
My first full time job was working as a Corporate Service and Quality Control Analyst at important Mexican Hotel Chain. I had the responsibility of overseeing 15 hotels and making sure that they meet company standards, daily operations and working to taking the hotel brand into new countries, among other things. Understanding the day-to-day business of hotels allowed me to have a better understanding about the industry. Having to do a variety of data and economic analysis helped me gain financial experience with the industry. I was in an involved department that interacted with all areas of the hotels marketing, technology, finance, etc.; it gave me good foundations that opened new doors. This job allowed me to be a better prepared candidate for the job I recently have.

Please describe your current role, and how your SHA education has impacted your career.
Corporate Manager, Hotel and Time Share Division for Grupo Questro. Grupo Questro is leading developer in the tourism and residential sector in Mexico. Grupo Questro has developed fully integrated projects that include hotels, residential, golf, marina and other activities mainly in Los Cabos. My task is to evaluate new projects from all aspects (legal, credit structure, operation, etc.), operate and supervise existing hotels and to be involved in business deals that have to do with the company´s growth. The company has focused its attention to the Time Share where I dedicate most of my time. The SHA curriculum requires students to take different courses that enhance your academic experience. Taking courses in finance, asset management, food and beverage, hotel operations, marketing, leadership, etc. have helped by giving me the necessary foundation and background to succeed at my current position.

Any advice for current and prospective students?
The best advice I can give to students at SHA or those interested in SHA is to really get involved in the school. Get to know your professors since they are an important tool in being successful during your time at BU. Get involved in the activities that school has to offer. Take advantage of the great educational program that SHA has to offer. I really encourage students to use the SHA Career Services department as a tool to enhance your experience at BU and SHA. The career service department allows you to meet people within the industry to inform you about the different internships and job opportunities that exist but most important it allows you to build your work experiences to have competitive advantage once applying for a career position in the real world. Finally, but most important- your peers. Being a small school has the advantage that allows you to meet everybody and work closely together. I have learned over 2 years since I graduated that in order to become successful in this industry you must learn how to build relationships and maintain them. The hospitality industry is all about people.

Please contact me at any time for job opportunities, recommendations, or simply if you wish to talk more about SHA and the great school it is.