Jonathan Jaeger ’08

jonathan jaeger photobioHometown: Westchester, NY

Current Location: New York, NY

Why did you choose SHA?
SHA has an excellent reputation and is well known within the hospitality industry. I was impressed with SHA’s track record for helping place students with jobs in the industry (both internships and permanent positions). SHA continues to dedicate significant resources to attracting well respected employers to recruit on campus.  I was also attracted to the fact that SHA is a relatively small school within the much larger University and students have the opportunity to get to know each other and work closely with professors.

What are some of your favorite BU memories?
My favorite BU memories (on the academic side at least) relate to my time as a tutor/teaching assistance for various classes within SHA. I truly enjoyed working with other students and helping them understand the material.

What was your first full-time job? How did you end up in your current position?
Upon graduation, I accepted a full time position as a Consultant with Pinnacle Advisory Group based in Boston. I have been with PAG since January of 2008 and have recently been promoted to Vice President. My promotion also came with a transfer to the New York City Office.

Please describe your current role. How did your SHA education impact your career?
At PAG, I am currently responsible for a wide range of consulting engagements. I primarily work on market/feasibility studies for new hotel development as well as appraisals of existing and proposed hotels throughout the United States and the Caribbean. My role also includes other types of consulting projects such as Asset Management, Brand Impact Studies, and Operational Reviews. More recently, I have been given an added responsibility for marketing Pinnacle’s services to prospective clients.

My education at SHA directly impacts the work I do on a day-to-day basis. Having a general understanding of the hotel industry prepared me for a career as a consultant. The Finance and Accounting courses were definitely the most important as I spend a majority of my time analyzing the financial performance of hotels.
Any advice for current and prospective students?
I would advise all current and prospective students to work hard, but enjoy their time at BU. The school has so much to offer, and students need to take advantage of what is available to them. Once you graduate, vacations and time off are much harder to come by!

Also, make sure to work closely with your professors. You never know what a recommendation or advice they give you will lead to in the future. I was granted an interview with my current employer thanks to Professor Buchin.